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Storefront Door Challenges at Taxpayer Fires

Issue 3 and Volume 169.

Once you force roll-down gates at commercial building fires and move them out of the way, you are often faced with additional forcible entry challenges in the front of the building, namely glass/aluminum storefront doors. In the rear of the building, you will most often encounter heavily reinforced steel entry doors. This article focuses on storefront door challenges firefighters face. Storefront Doors Glass/Aluminum Glass/aluminum storefront doors are also known as “narrow-stile” doors because of the width of the aluminum door’s vertical side rails or “stiles” (Figure 1). The rails on narrow-stile doors are about two inches wide, the rails on medium-stile doors are approximately four inches wide, and the rails on wide-stile doors are about five inches wide. The glass used in these doors is usually a tempered type of safety glass (although acrylic and polycarbonate can also be used). When broken, this type of glass fragments into thousands of…

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