Fire EMS, Firefighting, Leadership

Grievance Culture, Command, and Understanding

Issue 3 and Volume 169.

The fire service and humankind have long studied and passionately investigated the topic of leadership. It is said that more words have been written about the topic than any other, which is surprising when you look at our current political leaders. Leadership is critical to help inspire, direct, and maintain the fire service. Leadership is as critical as management and administration as components of the art of Command. Fire officers are commanders; they have by legal and organizational authority the responsibility and right to direct firefighters into action in dynamic situations that are potentially life threatening. To command firefighters on the fireground is to assume the responsibility for the safety and survivability of both victim and rescuer. To command off the fireground is to direct how firefighters conduct themselves toward the public and one another. The fire service is based in command. It is not leadership you need to exhibit…

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