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Fire Blog Roundup: Passion for the Job, Staffing, and Mayday Training

Joining our featured bloggers this week was Adam Hansen writing about passion for firefighting and Nicholas Papa offering his take on staffing.

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Isaac Frazier      

Ratchet Strap-Seat Pull

Isaac Frazier shares a new quick tip on mitigating secondary entrapment during extrication.
OJ Kolodziej      

Today’s Reality

It seems as though firefighters are choosing sides in a “cultural conflict,” but the fact is fire doesn’t care what side you’re on, writes O.J. Kolodziej.
John K. Murphy      

Suspensions from Duty

“I have been recently suspended for transporting a patient in my fire engine.” John K. Murphy has the legal take.
Dan Shaw      

The 360° Lap

The simple step of implementing a 360° lap of the structure prior to entry can be that first step to preventing a LODD and ensuring a successful fireground outcome, writes Dan Shaw.  
Joe Pronesti      

Mayday Simulation Exercise

Joe Pronesti has a training scenario to get you mentally prepared for Mayday situations.
Adam Hansen      

What Is Happening to Firefighter Passion?

Are you still passionate about the fire service? Read a commentary from Adam Hansen.
Nicholas Papa      

Outnumbered Does Not Mean Outgunned

How is it that elite special operations forces are able to continuously prevail in combat situations where they are grossly outnumbered? Nicholas Papa shares some thoughts.
Jonathan Brumley      


Firefighter survival is accomplished through a continued pursuit of hands-on, stress-initiating repetition, writes Jonathan Brumley.

Limited Staffing and Horizontal Ventilation

AB Turenne has four quick tips to make you more efficient on the fireground.

Jarrod Sergi      

You Have All the Power You Need

Jarrod Sergi says that company officers still wield the power of influence, with the ability to set priorities and communicate expectations at the company level.
Doug Mitchell      

The Preconnected Stretch

Engine companies must be prepared and practiced, and anticipate the need to have longer length lines, writes Doug Mitchell.
Jason Hoevelmann      

Keeping Up With When Things Go Wrong

In a guest post, Kyle Sanders discusses the need to keep your self-rescue skills sharp.


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