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Motor Vehicle Accident Checklist for First Responders

Issue 4 and Volume 169.

BY CRAIG ABERBACH As a company officer or an emergency services responder in any capacity, if you are first to arrive on the scene of a motor vehicle accident (MVA), having a solid foundation of the following will ensure a well-executed outcome. Knowing your responsibilities, capabilities, crew, equipment, resources, and other program functions will help ensure you have the know-how to do your job. Responsibilities Knowing your responsibilities as a first-arriving responder is important. Your number-one responsibility is to your crew, ensuring members will get to the scene safely and are adequately prepared to fulfill your assignments. Accident victims are actually the third priority after bystanders, whom we do not want getting in the way or hurt. On arrival, you announce “on scene” and assume command. Showing a strong, confident assessment and size-up will set the tone for the remainder of the call. Make sure your apparatus is positioned to…

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