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Firefighter Training Programs: Do the Skill or Do the Drill

Issue 4 and Volume 169.

By Robert Finger Jr. The warning label on firefighter gear reads: “Firefighting is an ultra-hazardous, unavoidably dangerous activity. This [garment, hood, helmet] will not protect you from all burns, injuries, diseases, conditions or hazards.” Studies in progress and those already completed by Underwriters Laboratories and the National Institute of Standards and Technology have shown that fires do not act the same way they did in structures of old. We hear too many veteran firefighters say, “We have always done it this way, and it works. Why change?” The reality is that we haven’t always done it this way. The fire service only started going inside buildings and putting firefighters in that ultra-hazardous environment with the invention of the self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and turnout gear. If we are going to change the way we fight fires, we need to change the way we train. Why Train? Why do fire departments…

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