Fire Instructor Development, Firefighter Training

Rope Rescue/Rappelling Training Deaths: Five Lessons

Issue 4 and Volume 169.

BY CHRISTOPHER FEDER I began my fire service career in 1995 and quickly found that I had a knack for technical rescue. In 2011, I became an officer and was initially responsible for training and drills. I had been a Pennsylvania state fire instructor since 2005, so training was nothing new for me. However, coming up with a weekly training/drill plan was new territory. Yes, there is a difference between training and drilling. Training is a formal lesson on a given task a student may not have mastered, whereas drilling is instruction or training on a skill that a student already has mastered. Writing the lesson plan, developing the curriculum, designing the PowerPoint®, and preparing training aids are some basic teaching fundamentals. Additionally, the instructor must have the knowledge, the skills, and the abilities to deliver that level of training. Is there a difference between the person/officer conducting the training…

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