Firefighting, Fireground Management, Structural Firefighting

Aggressive Command and Tactics

Issue 4 and Volume 169.

By Anthony Kastros We love to talk about aggressive tactics in this job. The debates drone on about which is the better method for tasks ranging from ventilation (vertical or positive pressure?) to fire attack (interior or indirect?). I hope the silent masses realize that there is a time and a place for many tactics and that limiting yourself is not practical given the differences firefighters face throughout America. We are all confronted by vastly different factors throughout the country-among them are construction type, structure size, fire load, occupancy, life hazards, water systems, weather, terrain, and population density. Perhaps the most dramatically different factors are staffing and resource levels. Obviously, one size does not fit all! How often have you heard that firefighters hate change? It’s true that other industries allegedly study our inability to conform and change. We are that good at not changing. As I travel the country,…

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