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Suburban Fire Tactics: Developing Functional SOGs

Issue 4 and Volume 169.

By James Silvernail The “One-Plus-One” concept is a tool for developing functional standard operating guidelines (SOGs). It assists with accounting for truck company functions on a fireground when there are no truck companies to dedicate to this task. It facilitates the effective placement of handlines by coordinating all essential functions associated with deployment. It strongly emphasizes the concept of “First line first.” (1) The common response apparatus in an operation that uses a “functional” standard operating guideline can consist of quint apparatus and engines. This response requires a game plan for coordination to ensure effective prioritization and accountability of essential fireground functions. One tool for creating these guidelines is the “One-Plus-One” concept. (Photo by Battalion Chief Mike Digman, Metro West Fire Protection District, St. Louis County, Missouri.) For many of us in suburban and rural America, going to fires with an apparatus without a pump, hose, or water is not…

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