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The Tactical 360º Walk-Around

Issue 4 and Volume 169.

It seems that every few years the fire service comes up with new and innovative words, catch phrases, or titles for most everything we could and do encounter on a working incident. The announcement of “out conducting a 360” and then, in some cases, “360 complete” has come to be the battle cry for many first-in officers during and after completing their walk-around. The question is, Are these at times just empty words? Could it be that we are just looking to check that box on our tactical worksheet? Most would agree that when feasible, someone should complete a 360° walk-around and communicate the pertinent findings. I agree and believe that a 360° walk-around can be very useful when done correctly. It is critical that we ensure that the member doing the walk-around noticed all the things he should have. What good is the walk-around if nothing is really observed…

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