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Fire Blog Roundup: Retirement, Size-Up, and Experience vs. Science

Sam Hittle of Wichita (KS) Fire and Traditions Training joins our regular roster of bloggers to comment on the recent UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute fire attack tests and how research and experience might be reconciled.

Check out a roundup of some of our other recent blogs on Fire Engineering, including posts by Doug Mitchell, Ron Kanterman, and more.

Jarrod Sergi      

What’s In It for Me?

Jarrod Sergi takes aim at a mentality that he feels is threatening the fire service and its mission.
Bill Carey      

March 2016 On-Duty Deaths

Bill Carey takes a closer look at monthly firefighter fatality data.
John K. Murphy      

Who Am I? Identity Crisis

Many times our personal identity is wrapped up in our work identity. John K. Murphy on retirement
Nicholas Papa      

The Four Tenets of Tactical Ventilation, Part 1

Nicholas Papa on information and size-up on the fireground.
OJ Kolodziej      

What Did He Just Say?

If we know change has to happen, why fight it? A new commentary from O.J. Kolodziej.

What Are We Really Good At?

Don’t get your feelings hurt when a rule or an initiative has lived out its worthwhile lifespan and need to be discarded, writes Warren Cersley.

Joe Pronesti      

Mayday Training

Joe Pronesti provides another Mayday training simulation, this one dealing with two disoriented firefighters.
Sam Hittle      

Experience vs. Science

True success will come when we are able to merge scientific knowledge with real-world experience rather than allowing them to be conflicting views, writes Sam Hittle.
Ron Kanterman      

Community Risk Reduction

Ron Kanterman on what the concept brings to the fire service.

Think Before You Type

Next time it could be you being filmed and critiqued on the fireground, Joseph Kitchen writes.
Jonathan Brumley      

Single-Firefighter Ladder Deployment

When lives are on the line, you’d better be ready to throw that ladder, writes Jonathan Brumley.
David Topczynski      

Where Have All the Tradesman (and Women) Gone?

Has the fire service gotten away from its roots in trade? David Topczynski shares some thoughts.
Doug Mitchell      

Easter Bunny Approved

What’s in your basket? The Sunday Preach from Doug Mitchell.
Jason Hoevelmann      

Five Common Mistakes New Fire Officers Make

A new podcast and video from Jason Hoevelmann and Engine House Training.
Chris Battlo      

Losing a Brother: Those Left Behind

Chris Battlo reflects on a recent line-of-duty death and how survivors keep going.


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