ISFSI Unveils New Branding Initiative

The International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI)

The International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) today revealed its new branding architecture and visual identity, which will be applied to all the organization’s programs, advocacy, services, and products this year. The fresh, new visual identity will help build cohesiveness in the ISFSI’s brand structure, and is a step in its multi-year strategic plan to strengthen the connection and messaging to core constituents. The new brand visual is designed to reflect the richness and diversity of the professional fire instructor from around the globe, “Inspiring, Supporting & Elevating Fire Instructors Around the World!”

“Creating this new visual identity has been a wonderful experience, as we have taken the core elements of the Society’s mission and translated them into imagery,” said Leigh Hubbard, Executive Director of the ISFSI. “We incorporated our organization’s historic trademark logo into the new brand, bringing in elements from our strategic vision and core values.”

“Imbedded in this new logo and tagline are possibilities – not just for today, but for the next several decades, as ISFSI continues to evolve and connect instructors from around the world.” Steve Pegram, ISFSI President said.

Questions regarding this release can be sent to Leigh Hubbard, Executive Director of ISFSI at [email protected]

More: http://isfsi.org/