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Little Giant Ladder Systems Introduces Overhaul, First Articulating NFPA-Approved Ladder

Overhaul Ladder

Little Giant Ladder Systems®, (, the industry leader in ladder safety innovations, unveiled at the FDIC International Conference, the largest gathering of fire professionals worldwide, the patent pending Little Giant Overhaul Firefighter’s Ladder System containing features specifically engineered to address the hazards firefighters face everyday. 

Designed by firefighters for firefighters, the Overhaul™ Ladder System is introduced to combat the challenging conditions present during overhaul, the firefighting process to contain areas that could cause a fire to spread or a building to tumble once the active fire has been extinguished.

“As a former Chief of FDNY R&D, this ladder offers more versatility than anything I have ever seen,” said Robert Keys. “The Overhaul is the biggest innovation in ladder design in my 30-year firefighting career! Climbing up a straight ladder from an uneven surface without chocking or blocks is so much safer when using the Little Giant Ratchet Levelers.  It can fit in an elevator and give firefighters access to a penthouse cockloft. Just unbelievable.”

“During the overhaul process, firefighters have traditionally used long ladders that are awkward and heavy to access dangerous parts of a structure,” said Art Wing, Chairman and President of Little Giant Ladder Systems. “When minutes count, these difficult-to-maneuver ladders add unnecessarily strain and can put lives at risk. The new Overhaul Ladder System reduces fatigue because it is much lighter and easier to maneuver, allowing firefighters to reserve their strength for saving lives.”

At just 4 feet 7 inches tall when retracted, the Overhaul ladder actually extends to 17 feet, but is compact enough to carry into an elevator, up a flight of stairs, or around tight corners. The large solid aluminum carrying handle makes it easy to grip, even while wearing firefighting gloves. Its heavy-duty caster wheels enable quick and easy transport, because in firefighting, every second counts.  

“There is a deep sense of brotherhood and sisterhood that exists in the firefighting community; people’s lives depend on it,” said Captain Aaron Ernsberger of the Phoenix Fire Department.  “As safety professionals, anytime we can engage with a product that truly makes a difference it’s a big, big deal. Little Giant’s Overhaul ladder is that type of product. It’s a game changer when it comes to how we do work around the country. It solves so many problems universal to all firefighting professionals, and enables us to work faster, safer, and more effectively than ever before.”

In addition to easy transport and easy carrying, the Overhaul ladder system also features the following innovations to help firefighters be successful:

1. Ratchet Levelers – Specifically designed for easy operation while wearing heavy firefighting gloves and bunker boots, Ratchet Levelers are ideal for working on unlevel ground as they adjust in seconds to provide an even, level setup over an uneven surface or debris. 

2. Roof and Rafter Hooks – The Overhaul Ladder is equipped with folding roof and rafter hooks that allow firefighters to hook the ladder to a rafter or truss to help prevent the ladder from “slipping out” from underneath while they work, one of the most common causes of injury during overhaul and other operations. 

3. High-Visibility – Each rung on the Overhaul Ladder is equipped with high-viz reflective labels and Little Giant’s exclusive Safety Insight™ photo-luminescent strips to help identify rung location in low-light conditions. This durable material glows for up to 16 hours when charged, is integrated into the rung, and will not rub off like tape. 

4. Dual Position Spike Feet – Adjustable non-slip rubber feet provide stability on wet or slippery surfaces and flip down spike feet provide stability on grass, carpet and soft surfaces. 

“Little Giant is serious about solving problems that can cause injuries and put lives at risk,” said Ryan Moss, CEO of Little Giant Ladder Systems and President of the American Ladder Institute. “Through extensive work with firefighters throughout the nation, many of the most frequent hazards faced by firefighters were identified. Little Giant engineered the new Overhaul ladder specifically to address those concerns.”