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Responding to Secure Facilities

Issue 5 and Volume 169.

by DENNIS CARMAN A secure facility is any building designed to restrict access and to limit the ability of a person, a resident, or an inmate to move about it freely. Although the focus of this article is on the correctional environment, the information also can apply to a psychiatric center, a court facility, a police station, or a state trooper barracks in your response area. Your department must preplan for response to these facilities as well. Some larger venues, such as a professional football or baseball stadium, may also have facilities for detaining problematic patrons (photo 1). (1) Photos by author. Correctional facilities are divided into prisons and jails, although most people do not realize there is a difference between the two. A prison holds those who have been convicted and sentenced to state or federal time. A jail is usually a municipal or county facility housing a transient…

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