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Modern Marvels: Firefighter Training and Technology

Issue 5 and Volume 169.

As fire instructors, we must embrace technology. Although there are hundreds of types of technology to consider, this article looks at what I call the “Fire Instructor’s Top Modern Marvels.” I recommend that instructors have access to each of these technologies for use in their training programs. Remember, training with technology is not “death by PowerPoint®”; fire service training programs have essentially killed PowerPoint®. Although PowerPoint® has a time and a place in fire service training, the days of students in a training class viewing and hearing instructors read off of 200 slides in 60 minutes are hopefully behind us. Your Options The goal of our technology-based training should be “less instructor, more instruction!” Although you can go overboard with the following items, you don’t have to. You may already use some of these ideas; if you don’t, many are free or inexpensive. Simulation-based training. Today, you can upload several…

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