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Drones and the Fire Service

Issue 5 and Volume 169.

(1) The drone flying over the structure gives an incident commander (IC) a bird’s-eye view of the structure and all interior walls, which allows him to assess the building area’s stability that is not visible from the street. (Photos by Trevor Hogan.) Recently (and often), drones [also known as unmanned aerospace vehicles (UAVs)] and the fire service have been in the news together. For instance, the presence of drones in wildfire fighting aircraft airspace has grounded all aircraft fighting the fire until the drone has vacated the area, and one video has surfaced showing a nozzle firefighter trying to knock down a drone with a hose stream. Like it or not, drones are here to stay, and the fire service must be out in front on the issue, or we will be left behind. Much of this deals with educating the public and working with local, state, and the federal…

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