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Fire Blog Roundup: Buildings and Hazards, Hoselines and Halligans

This week’s roundup of firefighter blogs features, among others, David Rhodes and Joe Pronesti on buildings, Jonathan Brumley on hoselines, and AB Turenne on the use of the halligan.

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David Rhodes      

Does This Plywood Make Me Look Vacant?

What if structures could talk? A new one from David Rhodes.
OJ Kolodziej      

Are We Skipping a Step?

When we talk tactics, we need to also talk strategy, writes O.J. Kolodziej.
Jason Hoevelmann      

Don’t Discount the Can

There are times when the water can is all you need to be effective, Jason Hoevelmann writes.
Joe Pronesti      

Corner Buildings and Vacant Lots Beware!

Corner buildings are susceptible to collapse. Joe Pronesti discusses potential hazards in legacy structures.
Samuel Villani      

A Dirty Portable Radio Will Fail You

Samuel Villani on the fire service portable radio.

The Halligan Bar

AB Turenne takes a closer look at this classic, versatile tool.


Moving Products

In the fifth installment of his series on ventilation, Mark Cotter looks at effective ventilation techniques.
Jonathan Brumley      

Every Section Matters

Jonathan Brumley on three things to look for in your hoselines that may spell trouble on the fireground.
Jeremy Rebok      

The Precise and Accurate Debate

There is no blanket approach to our profession, writes Jeremy Rebok.

Strong Winds and Undercurrents

Do politics belong in our fire service discussions? Art Goodrich offers some perspective.
David Polikoff      

Garden Apartments

Fighting fires in garden apartments presents some unique challenges to firefighters. Read more from David Polikoff.
Lou Comenale      

To Stretch Or Not to Stretch?

Lou Comenale has some thoughts on “marginal structure jobs” or “smoke scares.”
Firefighter Rescue Survey      

Primary Search Supported by Statistics

Learn about one group’s effort to get data behind effective primary search.


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