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Hostile Act Responses: Effective Command of the Warm Zone

Issue 6 and Volume 169.

The management and command of a response to an active shooter is inherently challenging. In addition to the overwhelming nature of the event, the response will require aspects that are outside of our typical operations including a different command structure, a cooperative communication plan across law enforcement and fire/EMS, and an adaptable accountability system. A separate branch is needed in the incident command system. (Figures 1-7 by Daniel J. Neal.) In August 2015, the Loudoun County (VA) Department of Fire and Rescue, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, and the Leesburg (VA) Police Department (with the support of the Loudoun County Office of Emergency Management) trained more than 700 personnel in the Rescue Task Force (RTF) concept. Over a two-week period, two four-hour training sessions were conducted each day. Each session consisted of a lecture, RTF and Extraction Task Force (ETF) skill stations, and two live scenarios. During these live scenarios,…

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