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RealView Announces Latest Version CommandScope

CHICAGO (June 1, 2016) – RealView today announced the latest version of the all-digital pre-planning program CommandScope is now available and more detailed than ever. The user-friendly technology was introduced in 2007 as a replacement to cumbersome binders and is now in version Current subscribers will receive an automatic update.

Key additions making CommandScope even more powerful include:

  • Fields added for GPS information, improving connectivity with other programs
  • Expanded login user-name characters to 60 from 25, providing more access specificity
  • Fields added to more quickly identify commercial pre-plans from newly added designations of commercial, residential or even de-activated properties
  • Updated color-coding of property designation on the primary look-up page

“First responders continuously answer the call to duty by putting themselves at risk to keep us safe,” says Stephen Nardi, president of RealView, LLC.  “We designed CommandScope with the mindset that this is an advantage first responders need and deserve. This technology continues to be embraced by residential and CRE high-rise property owners, hospital and college campuses, assisted living facilities, as well as municipalities across the country. We expect it to become a staple in preparing for emergency response.”

All of these enhancements add to CommandScope’s user-friendly characteristics. CommandScope provides first responders instant en route and on-site access to site plans, floor plans, hazardous material details, utility shut-off locations, campus maps, fire hydrants locations, and other critical building and property information. The information is delivered to first responders or on-site security via mobile computers and touch screens resulting in a smarter, more effective emergency response.

It also is shareable, so even first responders unfamiliar with an emergency site will have working knowledge of the building, its occupants and its hazards.  They are prepared to act with knowledge rather than trial and error, saving time and lives.

About CommandScope

CommandScope is a tool used by first responders (fire, police and security departments) to quickly aid municipalities, utility companies, office/industrial properties, college campuses, hospitals, hotels and other facilities across the U.S. and Canada.  Designed with best-of-breed technology, CommandScope’s technical standards adhere to the requirements of both the National Fire Protection Associations and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s National Incident Management System (NIMS), which is a template of procedures developed to execute a multi-faceted rescue plan to save victims of unforeseen catastrophes.