O2X Human Performance Program Customized for Firefighters

Fire Service Industry News: 02

There are many problems facing fire departments and firefighters all over the globe -cancer, injuries, hypertension, inadequate fitness levels, chronic stress, PTSD, cardiac disease, sleep apnea and even suicide. Over the past year, Boston Fire Department brought on a new program for their force to address the issues head on- that program is O2X. O2X consists of a team of U.S./U.K. Special Operation veterans (with over 50 years collective experience), collegiate athletes, and 25+ world-class human performance specialists with experience in working with teams and individuals like Olympic athletes and special operation forces. O2X offers innovative programs to tackle these issues and to maximize overall performance. The O2X mission is to be the world’s leader in maximizing Human Performance.

The O2X Human Performance Program was customized for firefighters, better known as tactical athletes, in mind, taking in depth knowledge of issues plaguing firefighters. With high operational tempos in a high risk job, injuries and challenges sustaining high levels of performance, are all experiences that helped shape O2X’s curriculum and deliver significant changes to Boston Fire Department. Fire Commissioner Joseph E. Finn combined tactical protective gear and the O2X education to help assure his firefighters health and safety;

“There’s a lot of excitement around this division because the firefighters feel for the first time in a long time the city administration and the department’s management team genuinely care about their well being.”

Creating a Human Performance Program led O2X into helping thousands of firefighters and corporate employees, by increasing their overall health and focus on performance. At this time, O2X has trained over 400 Boston Firefighters during nine workshops and are now teaching incoming fire recruits during their first week of the academy. O2X also offers a cutting edge online program that provides a daily stream of nutrition tips, workouts, and performance and motivation information. “You guys are going to save the lives of firefighters. You won’t ever know their names or when you saved them. And they will never know that you saved them. This is life saving/changing training for many of our guys.”
-Boston Firefighter.

With over 25 world-class human performance specialists, O2X is backed by cutting edge research and science to work with tactical athletes. This revolutionary approach is the forefront for firefighters to become more mentally, physically and emotionally prepared with their bodies to help them perform more efficiently at work and home.  Whether you are a new recruit or 30-year veteran, it’s never too late.  “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.”  Chinese Proverb