Fire EMS, Firefighting, Leadership

The 360° Performance Evaluation Tool

Issue 7 and Volume 169.

By Craig A. Haigh Early in my career, it was drilled into me that it is important to get a 360° view of the emergency incident. Experienced officers will tell you that what is seen from the street side may be very different than what is happening in the rear. Tactical decisions based on a singular focus typically result in tunnel vision that can then result in disastrous consequences. We need to get a full view of the job at hand so we can operate efficiently and effectively and bring home all of the players we took to the game. As we climb the organizational ladder, the job changes, and we find ourselves spending more and more time focused on management tasks and leading people rather than making tactical decisions at emergency incidents. Days are filled with e-mails, meetings, questions from subordinates, calls from the mayor’s/manager’s office, discussions with union…

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