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Stalled Elevator Operations

Issue 7 and Volume 169.

By Michael A. Dragonetti In Brooklyn, New York, on a Friday evening, a building superintendent (super) received a knock on his door. He opened the door to find a frantic nine-year-old girl. She told him that her mom was trapped in the elevator. The super grabbed his elevator key and followed the girl to the stalled elevator. They arrived a few minutes later; the super made verbal contact with the woman stuck in the elevator. He reassured the woman that she was safe and that he would have her out momentarily. The elevator was stalled between floors. It was sitting approximately three feet below the landing. The super inserted the drop key into the keyway and rotated the key, opening the elevator shaftway door. He then proceeded to open the elevator door in the fully open position. For the first time, he had visual contact with the woman. He smiled…

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