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Fire Blog Roundup: Aggressiveness, Officer Development, and the Deck Gun

Check out some recent blog posts from our featured bloggers, including Brad French on officer development, Jason Hoevelmann on aggressiveness, and much more.

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Changing the Rules

Mark Cotter comments on the use of exterior streams and creating new excuses for old habits.
Brad French      

Company Officer Development

Never stop learning and your company will be the better for it, Brad French says.

The ABCs of Aggressive Interior Attack

Mark Cotter highlights the application of modern fire attack principles to interior firefighting.
Brian Brush      

The First-Due Deck Gun

Getting good at going big with the first due deck gun happens in training. Brian Brush on the engine-mounted master stream.
John K. Murphy      

NFPA 1582

John K. Murphy writes about this standard and firefighters returning to work after a medical evaluation.
Jason Hoevelmann      

What Is Aggressive?

Jason Hoevelmann: Aggressiveness just doesn’t show up one day, it is an indoctrination.
David Polikoff      

Managing the MCI

David Polikoff offers a quick action guideline to assist you in dealing with these incidents.
OJ Kolodziej      

It’s Just a Seat!

When you accepted the promotion to be an officer, you accepted that you are now working for the people under you, writes O.J. Kolodziej.
Nicholas Papa      

The Four Tenets of Tactical Ventilation: Coordination

Successful ventilation is contingent on being executed in conjunction with confinement and extinguishment efforts, writes Nick Papa.


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