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Fire Blog Roundup: Residential Stairs, Ladder Rescue, and Favors

Read some blog posts from our featured bloggers, including Doug Mitchell on residential stairs and related hazards, Jason Hoevelmann on ladder rescues, and more!

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Doug Mitchell      

Mind the Steps

Doug Mitchell has a reminder on how dangerous a seemingly simple set of residential stairs can be.
Joe Pronesti      

Recognize the Signs of Possible Wall Collapse

Joe Pronesti offers a training review.
Jason Hoevelmann      

Ladder Rescues

Training matters and anticipating the worst that could happen makes you prepare, writes Jason Hoevelmann.
David DeStefano      

Always Return a Favor

This rule applies to the fire service as a community as much as any one individual, writes David DeStefano.

Credit or Credibility?

We will all have a chance to look back and determine whether we earned credibility or if we fell short by wasting time seeking personal credit, says Warren Cersley.
Doug Mitchell      

Get Out There

Get out into your first due and make sure you’re providing the level of protection that our citizens require and deserve, writes Doug Mitchell.

Ventilation Justification

Mark J. Cotter’s latest focuses on the air flow component of the “How to Control Combustion” equation, commonly referred to as tactical ventilation.
David Rhodes      

In Command and Out of Control

The higher in any organization you go, the more removed you are from the sharp end of the job. David Rhodes on dealing with the transition.
Grant Schwalbe      

Civilian Victim Removal

Get out there and practice on real-sized victims and be prepared when your chance for a grab comes, Grant Schwalbe writes.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Joseph Kitchen discusses conflict resolution in the firehouse.
Nicholas Papa      

The Four Tenets of Tactical Ventilation: Controlled

Venting is fundamentally a matter of control–of both ourselves and the air flow within the involved compartment, writes Nick Papa.
Ron Kanterman      

It’s All About Love

How do we love the job? On Ron Kanterman’s blog, Rob Beatty writes about love as action.
Dave McGlynn      

Loved or Feared?

Is it better to be loved or feared? Dave McGlynn says that, in terms of leadership, he’d take love every time.

Morning Coffee

“Every morning as I step outside and enjoy my first cup of fire house coffee at 5 a.m., I give thanks for another day…” Read more from Warren Cersley.
Brad French      

Company Officer Development

Never stop learning and your company will be the better for it, Brad French says.


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