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Culture That Kills: “We Always Did It This Way!”

Issue 8 and Volume 169.

By Chase Sargent I received an e-mail from a good friend today, a captain with a major Midwest fire and rescue service. He was contacting me because he was about to enter into the chief’s promotional process and was sure something about “organizational culture” would be in it. He related the following regarding his concern for this topic on the upcoming board. I don’t have any additional information other than what I am telling you, so take this as an open-ended story with a message, not a clear statement of fact. However, you and I both know that if we have been around the fire and rescue service for a time, the content of this story is not unheard of, and you probably may even have similar stories of your own. The Friend’s Story It seems that Engine Company X struck Engine Company Y while running a red light at…

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