Firefighting, Fireground Management, Leadership

Change Management: Recommendations for Prechange Success

Issue 8 and Volume 169.

By PAUL J. ANTONELLIS JR. Over the years, the topic of change management has been written about extensively in science articles and textbooks. Many fire service members began to study change management in mid-career professional development programs with a greater emphasis on the detailed steps to bring about long-term positive change management in their organization at the senior fire service administrative level. This article will provide a review of change management steps with a focus on the prechange process-the areas you should consider before you can implement a change; some of the areas that can impact change management in the fire service; how diversity, ethics, and politics can affect change management; and the steps needed to reduce internal and external resistance points to the change being proposed in the organization. The suggestions and recommendations here can prove beneficial to the company officer who wants to implement a change on the…

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