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Fire Blog Roundup: Failure, Responsibility, and Sources of Power

Read a roundup of some of our recent featured blogs on Fire Engineering, including posts by John K. Murphy, Brian Ward, Isaac Frazier, and more.

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Clay Morgan      

The Antartic Fireman’s Journey

Clay Morgan discusses his experiences in dealing with PTSD from the job.
Michael Lloyd      

Happy Employees Equal Happy Customers

How does this business concept apply to the fire service? Michael Lloyd takes a look.

What’s Your Job?

Firefighting is a team, action-oriented job. The exceptional ones who stand out and constantly improve their team, writes Warren Cersley.
Candice McDonald      

Learning to Fail Gracefully

Failing gracefully means investing in a plan and asking for constructive criticism on how you can improve, writes Candice McDonald.
Michael Lloyd      

Why Not Have a Formal Mentoring Program?

Michael Lloyd says such a program would help with the development of employees and leaders.
John K. Murphy      

Time to Pass It On

John K. Murphy reflects on the value–and values–of the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) International.
Andy Marsh      

Lead by Example

“If you want your personnel to be trained, lead by example and take some training with them.” Read more from Andy Marsh.
Brian Ward      

Sources of Power

What sources of power do you use in your day-to-day activities with your team? Brian Ward has more.
Chris Naum      

Hybrid Mass Timber Building

Chris Naum looks at a project under construction in Canada.
Isaac Frazier      

Does Size Matter?

Isaac Frazier discusses the size of spreaders for extrication.

Recycle, Re-Use, and Rescue

AB Turenne looks at a unique way to use specific equipment in rescuing a down firefighter.

David DeStefano      

I’m Responsible

Accepting self-responsibility helps the fire service as a whole get better, writes David DeStefano.

Life Safety or Life Saving?

Mark J. Cotter comments on whether modern fire tactics are “too safe” when it comes to fire suppression.


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