Firefighting, Technical Rescue, Training

Maximizing Your Tool Cache

Issue 9 and Volume 169.

Which are the must-have tools on a rescue company, and which are nice to have? How does your department operate, and what are your target rescue situations? This article discusses these questions and others. Every rescue tool and system available will not be covered, but your department will be able to expand the tool packages and groups discussed. If the rig and the budget are big enough, the list can be endless. (1) Photos by Robert Scott Button. In smaller departments, the rescue equipment available may be a small cache tailored to the most common responses. In this day and age, tools such as saws, air bags, jacks, cribbing, rigging, and hand tools comprise the basics for rescue. The cost of buying powered hydraulic or pneumatic tool systems can be prohibitive. Consider brand reputation, reliability, and compatibility. Interoperability may be another consideration if you are equipping more than one rig…

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