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Scene Safety: Violence Against Firefighters

Issue 10 and Volume 169.

Being a firefighter today is much, much more than simply fighting fires. The duties of a firefighter have changed significantly. The responsibilities have multiplied, and so has the danger-in more ways than the average citizen may ever imagine. After successive, notable mass shootings, active shooters on high school and college campuses, and the rampages by psychotic individuals in the malls and streets of America, scenes of violence are increasing in frequency and magnitude. Horrific scenes of violence chronicled on the front page of the newspaper evoke fear in all of us. Television media play looped footage, visually imprinting the chaos into our subconscious while the ticker on the bottom of the screen keeps us updated to the minute. Nationally, the President of the United States has noted that these types of incidents have become commonplace in our society and that they need to stop. As firefighters, one of our duties…

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