Apparatus & Equipment, Firefighting

Checky, Marcus, and Albuquerque

Issue 10 and Volume 169.

All American firefighters know the story of “The Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell, part of a four-person SEAL team whose mission “Operation Red Wings” in June 2005 was compromised. This is the story of the fire service’s role in that fateful event. Vastly outnumbered and deep inside enemy territory, those ill-fated SEALs fought with incredible ferocity and distinction and one by one they fell, defending one another, until only Luttrell survived. Luttrell was saved by stumbling into two Afghan villagers, men who could have ignored this foreigner but who chose rather to honor their tribal code-a code that directed them to support and defend all strangers who came seeking refuge. After getting Luttrell back to their village, the Taliban surrounded the village and demanded Luttrell; the villagers resisted, and a three-day siege began. To rescue Luttrell, Rangers and Green Berets voluntarily went downrange, fighting their way in; the Rangers secured Luttrell.…

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