Apparatus & Equipment, Firefighting, Truck Company

Recreational Challenges

Issue 10 and Volume 169.

Responding to a report of an auto fire is nothing unusual for any unit, but when it’s reported to be on a major bridge, the size-up process takes on a whole new meaning. Plus, if you’re not responding using your normal response route, things can get tricky. To avoid confusion, contact the dispatcher, inform him of your access route, and let him relay that to the other responding units. Doing so could curtail a surprise meeting of fire apparatus at an intersection, an entrance ramp, or a spot where you wonder, “What are they doing here?” As we approached the location, we could see a large column of black smoke in the sky, and we knew we were facing more than an overheated auto. Making the turn onto the bridge, we noticed the auto was on the entrance ramp and not on the actual bridge; we wouldn’t have to rely…

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