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Fire Blog Roundup: Honor Guards, Succession Planning, and Titles

The recent National Fallen Firefighters Memorial weekend honored 112 fallen members and their families, and regular contributor Ron Kanterman shared a guest post from Jim McLoughlin, a longtime member of the honor guard for thie ceremony.

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David DeStefano

Training Your Replacement

Keep the fire service tradition of mentoring alive at all levels of your organization, writes David DeStefano.

Dan Kerrigan


Core Principles

Dan Kerrigan on the company officer’s role in promoting physical fitness.

Religious Freedom

John K. Murphy tackles the legal angle when it comes to displays (and non-displays) of religious belief in the fire service.

P.J. Norwood

The Fire Tetrahedron

When was the last fire you went to where a stack of palettes and some straw was the only fuel package? P.J. Norwood discusses fire behavior training and best practices.

Meeting Molly

Ron Kanterman shares a guest post from Jimmy McLouglin, who writes about what inspired him to serve in the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Memorial Weekend ceremonies.

Jonathan Brumley


Sometimes Less Is More

Efficiency and effectiveness should be given equal consideration to raw power in the decision-making process, writes Jonathan Brumley.

Dale Pekel


Hitting Tips

Dale Pekel shares a video demonstrating tips on forcible entry.

Andrew Sauder

What’s In a Title?

Andrew Sauder has a commentary on promotions and leadership in the fire service.


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