Fire Prevention & Protection

Anna Maria College Receives Donation from GelTech Solutions Towards Fire Extinguisher Study

Anna Maria College has received a $13,500 donation from GelTech Solutions, an innovative fire protection product manufacturer, to support the college’s Fire Science Department conduct a fire extinguisher study.

Students in the Anna Maria College’s Fire Science Department will be testing the effectiveness of various fire extinguisher products currently on the market. These evaluations require secure, live fire testing that imitate various fire scenarios such as combustible-metal, cooking oil and car tire fires. The donation from GelTech solutions will go directly towards the construction of an outdoor concrete burn structure to conduct controlled and functional live fire tests.

“We are extremely grateful to GelTech Solutions for their generous donation to support our Fire Science Program,” said Dr. Judith Kenary, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs. “This burn structure will provide our students with an outdoor classroom in a safe designated area to conduct burns and will enable them to partake in various research and testing opportunities to further enhance their Fire Science education.”

The burn structure (12’ X 8’ X 8’) will feature a gravel base and be reinforced with concrete slab walls. This structure will also help foster future research opportunities as new fire science technologies come to market.

“The burn structure takes our students out of the classroom to safely explore various fire science concepts under real-world terms,” said Dr. James Carritte, Director of the Fire Science Emergency Programs. “This unique facility will help advance the Fire Safety Program’s education and allow Anna Maria College to stand apart from other programs.”

The grant proposal was written by Kolin Matthews, a senior undergrad in Anna Maria College’s Fire Science Program, along with his faculty mentor Mike Matros, a Firefighter/Paramedic with the Sudbury Fire Department and Fire Science instructor at the college. Gel Tec Solutions also provides several ongoing internship opportunities for Anna Maria College students.