Apparatus & Equipment

Code 3® Quad Monitor

Code 3, Inc. introduces the Quad Monitor (CC7000-QM), designed for vehicle mounting, that allows the driver to see up to four camera views at once on a single screen. When the four cameras are mounted at appropriate points on the vehicle, the driver can see a full 360 degrees around the vehicle.

Code 3 also introduces an online camera system configurator (C3Vue) that allows both the monitor and cameras to be selected, then ordered, for quick delivery. Code 3 offers several types of monitors and cameras that can be mixed and matched depending on the user’s needs. To learn more, visit and select the C3Vue Visual User Environment. 

The Quad Monitor features a 7.0” widescreen LCD color monitor with built-in controller for volume, contrast, brightness, day/night, and mirror imaging control. Automatic camera selection is available via trigger wire (when reverse gear or relevant control is engaged). The Quad Monitor is compatible with all current Code 3 camera models. 

The Quad Monitor measures 8.4” x 2.8” x 6.0” and is 12-24 VDC. The Quad Monitor draws 6.4 amps and is FCC-, CE-, and RoHS certified. There is a one-Year warranty.

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