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EMS Compass Releases Candidate Measures for Public Testing

EMS Compass Initiative

The EMS Compass Initiative announced the release of candidate measures for public testing. After much deliberation and national collaboration through an NQF-modeled measure development process, the group is asking EMS agencies help them refine these candidate measures before they receive final approval. They’ve been through the “lab testing” phase, but now it’s time to put them to the test in the real world.

What’s in it for you? Using EMS Compass measures to monitor your performance over time enables you to improve patient care directly in your system. You’ll learn a lot about the measures and provide EMS Compass with feedback that will improve patient care nationwide by testing the measures in your system.  

Your vendor may have enabled you to “turn on” EMS Compass measures in your system with little effort on your behalf. If not, you may be able to program these measures into your system. After you’ve had a chance to implement the measures, please visit their site to submit your feedback.

An EMS Compass Vendor Readiness guide, the information needed for manual implementation in your electronic patient care or analytic software, and feedback forms are available at

If your system is not EMS Compass ready, we encourage you to contact your software vendor to request they incorporate EMS Compass measures into their software.

For more information about EMS Compass or to volunteer to be involved in the national effort, sign up to receive updates at, and follow the initiative on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (@EMSCompass).

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