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Firefighter Mental Health: The Job Is Killing Us

Issue 12 and Volume 169.

By Jeremy Hurd An individual who wants to excel in his career will pursue training that is on the “cutting edge” of his industry. Retaining all of our members has always been the purpose of fire service training. We dedicate blood, sweat, time, and finances to reach that goal, and we strive to make that difference in stopping the needless deaths within our own firefighting community. When around 100 of our members perish each year, we say, “Not again this year!” So, it’s time to address that other killer in the room that is affecting that many and more: our mental and behavioral health. Until recently, there were no attempts to track the number of firefighter suicides, but thanks to the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance and founder Captain Jeff Dill, we now have an idea of the real numbers. What they point out should alarm us all. Dill’s Web site…

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