Firefighter Training, Technical Rescue

Three Essentials for Trench Rescue Success

Issue 1 and Volume 170.

By JEREMY RIFFLARD Trench rescue is one of the least common technical rescues. Many teams do not include this discipline in their response profile because of the low frequency of trench rescue calls, the cost of training and lumber, and the inability to transport the heavy lumber components. National Fire Protection Association 1670, Standard on Operations and Training for Technical Search and Rescue Incidents, outlines the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed for awareness-, operations-, and technician-level training for trench rescue. To simplify the very basics of a trench rescue, panels are put in place to hold back soil, and shores are installed to keep the panels in position. This “box” creates a safe area where rescuers can work. If your team is going to train and respond to trench rescue calls, following are three essentials that can make the rescue easier. #1: Sandbags After you install the trench panels, stabilize…

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