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Vehicle Rescue Training

Issue 1 and Volume 170.

By Michael M. Dugan Training on a high-risk/low-frequency event is one of the most important kinds of training to conduct for the members of your department. Such a response can prove to be very difficult and dangerous, and operating personnel need to know what to expect. This training is vital for members and officers to understand the risks associated with this type of call. If you are not preparing your members to handle a call like this, you are not preparing them for today’s world of distracted drivers. (1) The vehicle is suspended from the training tower. The safety ladder is placed alongside the structure, and the area below the training is cordoned off. (Photos by Tim Olk.) Training on a high-risk/low-frequency task is vital for the safety of all members involved. It does not matter what your department’s specialized skills are; your members need to be trained in that…

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