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MuscleSound® Expanding Offering for Firefighters, First Responders

 MuscleSound® Expanding Offering for Firefighters, First Responders

MuscleSound®, a Denver-based performance and health technology company known for serving professional, collegiate, and recreational athletes with non-invasive, accurate and cutting-edge muscle data since 2011, announced plans to offer its MuscleHealth® technology to municipal and government service agencies, such as fire and police departments and the military.

With its technology already serving Major League Baseball, the NBA, USA Women’s Track Cycling, Pac-12 and SEC institutions, fitness clubs and rehabilitation centers, MuscleSound gives coaches, athletes, physicians and trainers real-time data by looking inside the muscle, which allows for immediate and personalized nutritional and performance-based recommendations, to unlock the body’s full potential to improve overall health.

“First responders and the men and women of our military are out in the field and pushing themselves just like a cyclist, distance runner, centerfielder or power forward,” said MuscleSound CEO Andy Jackson. “We’re excited to bring our non-invasive technology to this sector, where we can help maximize optimal readiness, efficient muscle fueling and effective recovery.”  

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MuscleSound uses non-invasive ultrasound to measure body composition while tracking and personalizing glycogen (fuel) scores, lean mass and biometric imbalances. This aids first responder athletes and trainers in gauging MuscleHealth in real time – pre- and post-performance – while maximizing defense against soft-tissue injuries.

“Professional and collegiate athletes aren’t the only ones who need to be at their best,” added Mike Yatsko, MuscleSound SVP of Business for Military, Police, Fire and First Responders. “Having honorably served in the military as well as a police officer for 23 years, I know firsthand how much endurance is needed to perform on any given day. By being able to assess muscle fuel and ensure muscle readiness, police officers, firefighters, and members of the military can now get the same critical individualized physiological data as athletes to ensure their optimal physical performance.”

Founded in 2011, MuscleSound has scanned more than 2,400 athletes and 100,000 muscles using the only-known useable and accurate data base of muscle energy and MuscleHealth. Clients include, but are not limited to, the Colorado Rockies, the Kansas City Royals, The Dallas Mavericks, the USA Women’s Track Cycling Team and the universities of Colorado, South Carolina and Oregon State University.

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