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Developing a Driver Training Program

Issue 2 and Volume 170.

By Eric Hankins Driver training programs can vary by department. Some may be very comprehensive and regimented; others could be quite basic. But driver training should be a critical part of any fire department’s training program. The position of driver, engineer, operator, chauffeur, or any other title is arguably one of the most important positions in the fire service. Quite simply, without someone to drive the apparatus to the scene of the emergency, the incident cannot be mitigated. For some departments, the driver might be a rank that was achieved by a formal testing and promotional process. Other drivers may simply be in the seat based on the time of service within the department. Regardless of how your department chooses your drivers, a training program must be developed to ensure your drivers are the best they can be. The litigious nature of the country these days makes appropriate training and…

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