Maximizing Circular Saw Effectiveness in Forcible Entry Operations

Issue 3 and Volume 170.

By Samuel Hittle Most of the forcible Entry applications we employ are centered on simple machine physics. Our comprehension of the concepts directly affects tactical outcomes. When used as levers or wedges, hand tools like the irons have zero force potential by themselves. Success is determined by the companies holding the tools. The more solid understanding of basic principles we have, the greater force we can apply in an appropriate manner. In contrast, when operating powered machines like the circular saw, its capabilities are already predetermined at the factory. Our knowledge cannot manipulate additional force from the tool. Only saw familiarity and functional discipline will allow us to realize its ideal performance potential or employ it in an ineffective manner. The discussion that follows is intended to focus on forcible entry applications. It does not encompass all circular saw operations. The term “cutting” is used synonymously with what actually is…

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