Fire EMS, Firefighting

A Forcible Entry Technique for Blocked Doors

Issue 3 and Volume 170.

Scenario: It is the beginning of your day tour. You have assigned tools and riding positions. As you and your crew check the apparatus, dispatch comes over the station alert radio: “Ladder 1, respond to assist Medic 1 with a person down, possible forcible entry needed.” While en route, you confirm the tool assignments with your crew and discuss a variety of possible forcible entry concerns and solutions. (1) A typical hinge installation for six screw hinges: 1⁄2-inch screws, three per leaf, secure the hinge to the door and the frame. Heavy exterior doors use three hinges with eight screws, four per leaf. (Photos by author.) You arrive on scene to a residential dwelling and notice that the front door is open. You enter the residence to find distraught family members in the living room and the emergency medical services (EMS) crew in the hallway pushing on the bathroom door,…

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