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Forcible Entry: Sizing Up the Cylinder Is a Critical Step

Issue 3 and Volume 170.

Within the discipline of forcible entry, through-the-lock techniques are frequently overshadowed by other, more conventional methods. As a result, training on through-the-lock techniques is often forgotten. Is this because these techniques are thought to be more skilled and technical methods of gaining entry into structures? Or could it be because it’s not as sexy when compared with more conventional methods? Let’s face it: We are all “creatures of our craft” and love to force a door when the opportunity pre-sents itself. But, at the same time, we need to be well-trained in all methods of forcible entry and know when it’s appropriate to implement each of the various techniques. Through-the-lock forcible entry may be appropriate for those “investigation calls” – calls at which it is essential to enter a structure and verify there aren’t any emergencies but your knowledge and experience tell you that you could take a few extra…

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