Firefighting, Leadership

Tuna Talk

Issue 3 and Volume 170.

I recently attended a one-day conference with about 150 firefighters present. There were four instructors, and the planners were nice enough to give me a small speaking part in the program. In the audience, there were about a dozen young men and women all in the same uniform sitting together and attentively taking it all in. The group was a soon-to-graduate fire science class from a local community college. They were completing a two-year program that would prepare them to go out in the brave new world and compete for an entry-level fire department position. Their academic boss probably thought it would be a positive experience to get to hang out for the day in a conference context. I was sitting in a place facing them so I could watch their reaction as the program proceeded. When I was gainfully employed by a fire department, I really enjoyed having a…

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