Engine Company, Fire EMS, Firefighting

Warm, Pink, and Sweet

Issue 4 and Volume 170.

By Alan Brunacini I was first attracted to a career as a firefighter when I was four years old. While riding with my mother, our car was first in the line of vehicles stopped at the intersection and trapped behind a supply line laid by an engine company right in front of us. The line extended to the front of a well-involved medium-sized commercial building full of tires, most of which had ignited and were now, along with the structure, rock and rolling. It was a very exciting visual scene. We were stuck in that A+ spectator spot for at least 30 minutes – long enough for the whole tactical drama to thoroughly fry my young brain. Up until that point in my life, I had been aimless in planning my occupational future; that 30-minute firefighting show (front-row seat) set the hook on what I would do for the rest…

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