Firefighting, Leadership, Tech Zone

Assessing the Impact of Technology on Fire Departments

Issue 5 and Volume 170.

By Scott Finazzo The origins of organized firefighting can be traced back to ancient Rome, and the profession of firefighter has been growing and evolving for centuries. Although the fire service has been steeped in tradition, it has been accused at times of being unimpeded by progress. Within the past decade, though, it has begun to counter the response “Because that’s the way it’s always been done” to the question “Why do we do this?” with newly discovered responses based on math, science, and technology. The growth and advancements in emergency response alone in just the past 10 years have shown great progress in nearly every category from the perspective of life safety. It is exciting to see departments across the nation looking at technology and exploiting it for the safety of our citizens and responders. These technological advancements are not limited to computers; they are evident in training, in…

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