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Training for Natural Gas Emergencies

Issue 5 and Volume 170.

By Jerry Knapp and Daniel Moran This is the final article in our series on natural gas emergencies. In the March issue, we discussed the critical, background knowledge you need to fully understand strategic and tactical considerations associated with response to natural gas emergencies. In the April issue, we covered many of the important strategic and tactical considerations necessary to safely mitigate common natural gas emergency scenarios. Here we will focus on training your officers and members to use a procedure-based approach to natural gas emergencies, innovative training methods, and training aids to fine-tune your gas response skills and procedures. “Miracle on the Hudson” pilot Captain “Sully” Sullenberger says about Captain Dave Cronin, who successfully landed a severely crippled 747 in 1989, and his crew: “The crew acted heroically because they knew, from their deep knowledge of the systems on that plane, that they would have to improvise and modify…

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