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Fire Service Cancer Drives Regionwide Collaboration in Florida

Issue 6 and Volume 170.

Fire Service Cancer Drives Regionwide Collaboration in Florida By Todd J. LeDuc and Samuel A. Eaton Broward County (FL) Sheriff’s Office Department of Fire Rescue (BCSDFR) has focused its internal efforts on reducing the preventable occupational health risks to its members, including cardiovascular and cancer risks. To that end, joint labor-management efforts have been invested in education, training, and programs aimed at addressing preventable threats to firefighters. Cancer Awareness The department partnered with the Fire Cancer Support Network (FCSN) and Keith Tyson, its education director, to make cancer awareness presentations to its members at 21 stations over three shifts. The presentations focused on the current science of occupational exposure and elevated rates of certain types of cancers in firefighters as well as preventable actions that firefighters and the fire service must take to curb cancer. The presentations raised a level of awareness at a time when the department also successfully…

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