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The RV: Baby Boomer’s Ride, Firefighter’s Nightmare

Issue 6 and Volume 170.

BY MARK WATTERS The modern day recreational vehicle (RV) offers consumers almost anything imaginable. Prices for these residences on wheels can range from $50,000 to well over $1 million. But do firefighters have any idea of what kinds of dangers RVs present? (1) A typical Class A motor home. (Photos by author unless otherwise noted.) Our crew was recently transferred to a zone that includes a large county park. Among the many features of it are about 60 campsites for RVs. While doing area familiarization, we observed a large number of high-end motor homes set up at the site. A discussion ensued among my crew as to what would happen if we found ourselves responding to one of these mega-vehicles on fire. The more I researched the question, the more it became apparent how dangerous these vehicles really are. More importantly, I came to realize how unaware we, as firefighters,…

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