The Gas Years

Issue 6 and Volume 170.

By Michael N. Ciampo Walking into the firehouse and glancing at the company’s riding assignment board, I had to chuckle: Written above our unit designation was “The Con Ed War Years” (Con Ed is an abbreviation for our local gas provider and “The War Years” relates to the famous fire years of the past). With the recent gas explosions occurring in our city, our “odor of gas” runs have drastically increased. Of course, many of these odors often turn out to be something else, but they’ve also turned into “Hurry up and act!” Let’s look at some of these incidents to see what may be on your horizon. The Stove Responding to an odor of gas on the third floor, we picked up an odor as we got to the second floor. Putting the halligan tool into the top of the apartment door frames and flexing the doors inward, we…

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