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Thinking About the Unthinkable

Issue 7 and Volume 170.

By Stephen Marsar Mayday, Mayday, Mayday: These are words no one ever wants to hear – words that could change your life, your career, and your department forever. It could happen at a residential structure fire, a commercial building fire, a motor vehicle crash, a wildland/brush fire, an emergency medical services run, a public service call – at just about every emergency to which we respond. Although the trend is going progressively downward, firefighters are killed in each of these incident types every year. As a company officer or chief, you must consider what would happen if this unthinkable tragedy were to strike one of the members under your command. Thinking About It Let me be clear: Obviously, I do not wish this horrific circumstance on any fire officer, fire department, or community. The scary reality is that neither do those who find themselves in this extremely stressful and emotional…

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